5 Common Summer Style Mistakes

When talking about fashion, everyone wants to look like a model in their outfit no matter the price of it. In fact, fashion is not just about the model and its price, but one thing that needs to be considered is whether the outfit is comfortable or not when it is styled in certain weather, for example in the hot blazing summer sun. Well, here is the list of 5 common style mistakes during summer.

1. Wearing Slippers Anywhere.

No matter the weather, we always wear slippers or flip-flops everywhere. There are no rules that prohibit us from wearing slippers for a walk. However, slippers should be worn when we want to take a walk at the beach or around the pool. We get it, they are comfortable but wearing slippers under the hot sun is terrible for your feet because they have no protection and it can cause infections and bacteria. 

2. No Socks.

Not wearing socks is another common mistake during the summer. Indeed, wearing knee-high socks is not recommended. However, not wearing socks is not good at all because it can lead to sweaty and smelly feet due to the heat and sweat. Just use the low socks or invisible socks that are now trending, besides the comfortable, they are also hidden and can prevent skin damage.

3. The Material.

According to this one motto, “There is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing”, it is very important to have knowledge of clothing or footwear because sometimes we tend to wear clothes or footwear as they please. It is important to know what to wear in the different weather. During hot weather, wear a pair of clothes or footwear that is lightweight like cotton and linen. 

4. All Black.

The weather is already hot and you still want to wear all black clothes and footwear that will make your appearance look weird. It is okay to wear black, but try to do the mix & match with the accessories. For example, instead of wearing a black leather jacket with a black shirt, choose a black leather jacket with a white shirt and black sneakers or black blouses made of rayon with jeans and slip-on shoes. 

5. Excessive Trends.

The final mistake is to use the trend in a very excessive way. There are always new and catchy trendy every year, but if there is a dress, sneakers or bag that trends simultaneously, do not wear it all at once. Simply use one that is trendy because you don’t want to look mismatched or ugly. Practice the minimalism in fashion.