5 Helpful Techniques Wedding Planners Know

Every wedding planner is a couple’s best friend. If you are planning to organize your dream wedding very soon, make sure to hire an experienced wedding event organizer to handle the overwhelming tasks. Do you think you need further advice? Below are 10 short reminders by dedicated wedding planners.

1. Drive around wedding location vicinity days or weeks before the special day.

If you choose a wedding venue far from your residential vicinity, make sure to explore the area days or weeks prior your wedding day. Look for stores that sell medicine, stationeries, liquor and other materials you might need on your special day. You can include these as part of your backup plan, in case you encounter emergencies.

2. Think through the entire wedding event, from a guest’s point of view.

This should be part of your wedding preparation process. Organize an event that would not only make you and your future husband happy, but also a celebration your guests would definitely enjoy. If you think that they would enjoy all of the giveaways and the performances, then you are doing a good planning job.

3. Prepare a lot of extra seats and dinner setups.

 It’s better if you prepare additional seats, plates, flatware, napkins and glasses at the reception area. You would never know if some surprise guests would arrive.

4. Purchase a fancy umbrella.

Mother nature can ruin any outdoor event any time of the day. What if you need to take photos outside the venue? In case it rains, at least you have something to use. Think of it as an awesome prop!

5. Make sure to test the venue-related directions weeks before the wedding.

Before you send out the invitations, make sure to test the map provided by your wedding venue. Why not ask a friend to test these directions? You need to make sure that they really work. If not, you need to re-do it.