6 Cutting-Edge Website Design Trends You Must Follow

1. Customized illustrations

Are you looking for the best website design services in your area? Then, it would be best to choose the professionals who can make your platform appear unique. How? Incorporating illustrations are friendly, playful elements you can add to make web pages more exciting.

2. Bold, Big Typography

Amazing typography is still dominating the digital landscape. Through this amazing visual took, your brand can highlight its brilliant personality, set the tone, and evoke more emotions. Without it, you can never convey crucial details to the audience.

3. Broken grid layouts and Asymmetry

Unconventional, asymmetrical broken layouts were introduced to the online world las 2017, and will continue to grow in the online world until the years to come. It is unique, distinctive and experimental. More and more brands are stepping away from the conventional in order to make remarkable statements.

4. Integrated animations

More designers and website owners are moving away from static images to looking for new ways to attract bigger audiences. Including animated features is a great idea to engage more users. These can also be incorporated to work with navigation and scrolling.

5. Drop shadows and depth

Using shadows is old practice, but this 2019 and beyond, expect to see new variations. With parallax layouts and grids, designers are able to create more depth and illusion. Shadow play delivers a versatile effect that improves a web page’s aesthetics and user experience.

6. Particle backgrounds

A video background is a good idea, but what if it slows down your website? What do you think is a better alternative? Particle backgrounds is a great solution. Since it’s developed with lightweight JavaScript code, movement becomes a natural part of the background itself. Also, it wouldn’t take a lot of time to load.