6 Design Changes That Are Going to Be Popular in 2018

Just like Search Engine Optimization, web design has changed quite a lot through the years. What has worked before might still work today, albeit with minor or dramatic changes.

In this article, I will talk about certain design changes that are going to be popular in 2018.

1. No More Pop-ups

Pop-ups have been on websites for so many years now and they come from many different sources; some are shady and some are legitimate.

There are some pop-ups that are just pieces of advertisement from legitimate companies, but there are also some that are so obtrusive and annoying that people stay away from the main site like the plague.

Google and popular search engines now penalize websites that do this and so, it is up to you as a web designer to either implement it but make it subtle or just leave it out altogether.

2. Rounded Corners Add a Nice Aesthetic Appeal

Most form or text boxes are usually just square or rectangular in nature and they are, well, okay. Not too fancy, nothing really eye-catching.

That is where rounded corners come in. This concept is not entirely new; in fact, it has been created many years back. However, they have made a comeback and to be honest, it looks much cleaner and better than the aforementioned shapes.

Twitter is the first to make this rise to prominence again. If you look at the main Twitter website, you will know what I mean.

3. Better Storytelling

Yes, we’ve created articles and press releases complete with still images, and they do a good enough job to evoke emotions from people.

However, using images are now a thing of the past as more and more people are putting in more stuff that will help convey a stronger message.

Perhaps adding a short video and even animations to compliment it are just some things that can help you with storytelling.

4. Creative Use of Imagery

A website typically follows a layout. Some people might use contrasting colors to make their site look plain and nice.

However, you should make use of imagery to create your layout instead. One theme that is rising in popularity is using two different but relevant images put together to create an amazing layout that can tell a story just by looking at it.

5. Play Around with Line Breaks

When you put something directly on your site – may it be some texts or images, a web designer would always put horizontal line breaks just to separate them.

However, more and more designers are experimenting with diagonal line breaks and with great success. Learn to break the rules regarding line breaks and let me tell you, the results will be very nice in the end.

6. Break the Rules- Brutalism

The thing about web design nowadays is that you can pretty much be yourself and you can do this by even breaking some rules.

The term is called brutalism and in this context, it is just about breaking any design rule there is just to create something that is uniquely yours.