Best Dive Watches in 2020

Do you like mechanical watch? For a time, it was the standard of all watches, but there are now even more that you can find in the market.
One of the best tool watches out there is the dive watch. It is not only practical but some are made with style in mind as well (just think about James Bond).
If you are on the market for the best dive watches, then you’ve come to the right article. For today, I am going to be talking about the best ones that you can find in 2020.

Omega Seamaster 300

The International Organization for Standardization or ISO has released standards that dive watches must follow in order to be even considered as one.
That being said, the Omega Seamaster 300 is definitely a bonafide dive watch that is not only stylish, but also highly practical, especially for people who constantly submerge themselves underwater.
It has a classic metallic design and it is an automatic dive watch that even James Bond can be proud of. Its rotor is able to hold up to 60 hours of power so you have plenty of time to wear the watch and still have battery even if you remove it.
As the product name implies, it has 300-meter water resistance and has a unidirectional bezel that you can easily use even underwater. The watch has pretty good illumination which is perfect if you are in deeper depths and it is also resistant to magnetic fields as well.

Rolex Deepsea D-Blue Dial

Also quite a popular watchmaking brand, Rolex also provides people with amazing dive watches that you can buy on the market. The Rolex Deepsea D-Blue Dial is waterproof up to 3,900 meters or 12,800 feet. Yes, I am not exaggerating. When you look at the product page, that is the first feature that will pop out.
It has a signature D-Blue dial with a black and blue-themed watch face to make it look even more stylish. It is an automatic watch that has a 44-hour power reserve. If you are planning a deep dive, this would be a pretty good companion.

Longines Sport Hydroconquest

For men who prefer a smaller dive watch with no compromises, the Longines Sport Hydroconquest is for them.
Its watch case is only 39mm wide and is perfect for men with small or big wrists. It is water-resistant up to 300 meters and has a pretty good self-winding mechanism that is able to hold up to 64 hours of power.

Seiko SKX173

For people who do not have a lot of money to spend on a dive watch, then this watch should be the one that you’d definitely want to consider.
The famous Seiko SKX173 is the perfect watch for divers who on a budget. It has an automatic movement and a 41mm stainless steel watch case that will not rust at all. It also comes with a sturdy polyurethane strap to go along with it.
The markers and dials are illuminated so even if you are deep underwater, everything on the watch face will still be legible.