Choosing a Website Designer: 5 Important Questions You Should Ask First

What if I want to make some changes later?”

Website design matters are constantly changing. In order for your project to run smoothly, you need to keep up with all the changes. The question is, will your web design agency help you with everything? Some companies would charge to make changes, while other set up CMS tools that makes it all easy and fast.

“How can we measure results?”

The answer to this question can be a bit technical. Watch out for terms such as unique visitors, bounce rates, page views, inbound links, search engine rankings and conversion rates. Measurements always come with data and analytics.

“What is your approach on usability?”

Asking about this matter would help you understand the agency’s focus. Are they thinking about website visitors? They should be able to develop a user-centered design, and conduct usability tests anytime.

“Can you show me some of your previous projects with similar goals?”

Ask for other examples of websites with similar features and goals. Remember to look for an agency or a website developer that can provide you with a vast range of designs. This means that they have a good creative philosophy–a web design business that listens to their clients, and doesn’t apply a single formula to their design process.

“Can I meet the entire team?”

The answer to this question will reveal if their team is outsourced or in-house. Many companies farm out some aspects of the project. Is the company composed of a team of freelancers? If you have serious goals, look for a team of experienced specialists.