Namecheap Web Hosting: Top Advantages and Feature

Namecheap is one of the most efficient names in the web hosting industry. If you are in search of quality web hosting service for your ecommerce platform, consider it as your provider. There are plenty of Namecheap hosting reviews in Malaysia that reflect its reliability and efficiency. Below are some of its features that you must take note of. 


Aside from web hosting, Namecheap also offers email hosting services. If you want to host your email in the same place, this would be very useful. According to experienced webmasters, their cloud is very dependable and secure. 

Customer Support

Namecheap has plenty of useful video tutorials that can be beneficial for users, most especially beginners. Moreover, in case you encounter problems with regards to your web pages, their support team can attend to you 24/7.

Server Plans

If you are just starting out, you might want to consider Namecheap’s shared hosting services. This plan is an excellent set up that can kickstart your success in the digital landscape. They utilize fast servers, and use top technology to cater to your needs. Moreover, their team uses efficient firewalls to strengthen security protection.


Namecheap not only delivers excellent hosting services, it can also help you in expanding your business online. If you want to upgrade later on, you will be able to anytime, and you wouldn’t be compelled to stay up until the future request cycle. This only means that if you get a big spike in your website traffic in the next days, your pages would be able to handle the traffic increase.