The Reason Behind Why Local Servers are Better

While choosing the best web hosting company, you have to take other things into consideration. One of the key factors is the area of your servers, because this can have a significant impact on your company growth and success.

The best thing about hiring a web hosting company is the relatively low level of risk. You can always change hosts even if you pick the wrong hosting company. However, changed web hosts can be somewhat confusing, so at the very beginning it is certainly worth making the right choice. Let us therefore understand why the server position is a major factor in choosing a web hosting service.

You need a web hosting company that has servers in Malaysia if your clients are based in Malaysia. Likewise, you might want to choose a business with servers in either of those countries if your consumers are in the UK or the United States.

Why Choose Local Servers?

Many business owners don’t care that much, but how easily the web pages load is one of the most important factors in increasing traffic. The buyers launch the websites and if it takes too long to load, they may leave and find another site. With a host with its servers located in your region, your website loads quicker and it will have a significant effect.

To multinational companies that house servers in all major regions of the world, this is very significant. Naturally, web hosting services are advised to insure the site’s hosted on local Malaysian servers if your target audience is in Malaysia. Your website can be accessed everywhere in the world through hosting services, so the choice of a company server still pays off.

Hosting Resellers

You must realize that some of the cheapest web hosting firms reduce costs by using their servers in the USA. In many instances, this is because they are web hosting resellers, which implies they are actually owned by large companies and they rent space on servers.

Resellers are cheaper but you may note that your web site is located in the U.S. while your customers are in Malaysia. This not only leads to poor traffic but also hurts the image and profits.

Another concern for resellers is that they may not have as much technical knowledge as the people running their initial hosting company. If something goes wrong, resellers can not reach the computers themselves, so assume no top technical support.

All of this suggests that you may have to wait longer to provide technical support and address all the issues by using a reseller hosting company than the service provided by an initial hosting company.

Make sure you also inquire if the hosting company is a reseller or initial hosts. Even, make sure you have servers in your customer base countries or not.