Top 5 Reasons Why Getting a Free Web Hosting Service is a Mistake

If you are running a startup company, you will find that you will need to pay off a lot of expenses just to get started. This includes having your own website designed and managed by web designers and developers.

That’s good and all, but the files of your website would need to be hosted by service to make it visible online. So, what do you do? Given that you had to pay for a lot of initial expenses, you’re probably thinking about a free solution.

Instead of paying for a top web hosting service, you went with a free hosting provider in the hopes of saving a lot of money. But, that is usually not the case as you will be spending a lot more if you go with this option (strange, but it is actually true).

Today, I am going to cite some reasons why getting a free web hosting service is a mistake.

1.Free isn’t Really FREE

One of the things that such companies do is to make use of marketing jargon that will help entice you to get their service. But, is a free service such as this totally free?

Well, the answer is no. Although you do not have to pay for anything, you will be “paying” them in other ways.
For instance, to help server upkeep, they might post ads on your website that are completely irrelevant to the overall theme of your website.

Furthermore, this may tarnish the reputation of your business, especially if people visit your website and it contains a lot of unwanted ads.

2.You Surrender Reliability

Part of the reason why getting a free web hosting service provider is a mistake is that if you sign up to such a service, you will instantly be surrendering service reliability.

Because such servers would require a huge amount of money, and given that their services are free, there is a huge chance that they may shut down without a moment’s notice. And, when that happens, your website, along with all of your files, will be lost along with it.

3.Inability to Transfer Providers

If you somehow have enough money to go for a more reliable service, you will be hard-pressed to know that you cannot instantly go to another provider.

You see, most of these free services use intricate wording that makes you believe that you actually have the freedom to move, but that is not really the case.

In fact, your website is also theirs since, well, you’ve signed the contract with them. Therefore, it is best to not even consider getting a free hosting service at all.

4.Your Website Will Not Look Professional

One of the most common web hosting services out there is WordPress. Although creating a website using this medium is okay for non-professional use-cases, actually using it for business use is not going to be good.

You are fairly limited in what you can do and to make matters worse, your domain will be slapped with the name of your server (for instance,

5.SEO Will Suffer

Search engine optimization is a must for every website and with poor SEO rankings (which you will get when you settle with a free hosting service), that will not bode well for you and your business.

In conclusion, getting a free web hosting solution is definitely a no-go, especially if you are trying to run a business website.