Top Things that You Can Do in Malacca for Free

As travelers, we would always save plenty of money before we go to new places because we want to experience what the country we go to have to offer.

That being said, Malacca is one of the cities in Malaysia that you definitely have to visit when you are in the said country. That is because aside from the rich colonial history, there is no shortage of things that you can do for a relatively inexpensive price.

Sure, you may have to spend if you want to avail of some girl escorts in the city, but did you know that there are things that you can do in Malacca that are absolutely free?

If you want to know what they are, then read through the rest of the article to find out.

Dutch Square

The Dutch are one of the European powers that have colonized Malaysia back in the day. They happen to establish a base in Melaka and you can find them in the Dutch Square.

Also known as the Red Square because of the predominantly red-colored buildings, you can find plenty of different Dutch and Dutch-inspired attractions here absolutely for free.

Some of the things that you can do are visit the Christ Church and worship God in the place. You can also head on over to Stadthuys if you want to find out more about the Dutch colonization period.

And, you can also take a picture of the iconic Tang Beng Swee Clock Tower as well.

Melaka River

Although you can book a cruise along the Melaka River for quite a cheap price, you can also walk along the river as well. In fact, I suggest that you do so that you can take photos of some of the amazing Malay houses and architecture in the city.

What I really love about the houses is that some are covert in Malay art. There are also some that would paint their houses with contemporary designs as well; things that are worthy of your Instagram.

Bukit St. Paul

The Portuguese were the first to colonize Malaysia and they’ve built quite a lot of structures back in the day. St. Paul Church is one of them and it is built on top of the Bukit Hill back in 1521.

Padang Kemunting Sea Turtle Sanctuary

If you rent a car in Melaka, you can drive north of the city to find the Padang Kemunting Sea Turtle Sanctuary. Here, you will find the majestic Hawksbill turtle and although you cannot take them with you, you can take photos of them instead.

Malacca Straits Mosque

Islam is the main religion being practiced in the country which is also the reason why you can find many mosques scattered throughout the country.

In Melaka, you can find the Masjid Selat Melaka, which is a mosque that is known for its marvelous architecture. I highly recommend that you visit the mosque at night because it will start to glow with its vibrant lights and amazing structural design.