Why a Product Requirements Document is Important in App Development

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Why a Product Requirements Document is Important in App Development

Mobile app development on the developer side is actually a project. And, for a project to be more streamlined than ever, you will need to have a plan of action.

The PRD or the Product Requirements Document aims to make everything on the development side easier.

Such a document would highlight the possible risks, challenge product assumptions, and it also helps communicate the technical and business requirements so both parties (developer and client) will know what the project entails.

The PRD is very important as it helps ensure that the final product will be up to the client’s standards, as well as, minimizing the risks and challenges that the developers will face along the way.

How to Understand Mobile App Business Requirements?

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For many businesses, they want to create a mobile app not only to communicate with their customers in a more efficient manner, but it is also developed with the notion that it helps solve their problems as well.

For the developers, a product requirements document will allow you to understand the requirements that will be needed in order to deliver the product that the client wants.

To help you develop a good product requirements document, you will need to ask some of these questions:

  • What is the main objective of the application?
  • What does it intend to solve?
  • How will it help your business?
  • Do you already have existing assets we can use or should the app development be started from scratch?
  • What are the functions of your app?
  • What other features do you want to implement that would make it better?
  • What would be your payment model (once the app is launched)?
  • Is the price feasible for you?

Development Constraints VS Business Requirements

As a developer, it is your job to implement the main or core features of the application. This is the most logical thing to do given that more additional (and oftentimes, not that useful features) would increase development time significantly. On top of that, you will introduce unforeseen bugs that will, again, increase development time, making you delay your deliverable.

If the client wants to develop an app to introduce a new business process, then time is of the essence. That is why early on in the meeting, you have to ask these questions and create a timeline that both parties can agree on.

The Technical Requirements of Mobile App Development

Technical Requirements

The product requirements document will gather all of the information that is required to develop the application. From the market research to the implementation and actual development of the app, it contains all of the data that would be required for the development team to follow.

The PRD is quite important because it streamlines the entire process by providing all of the much-needed information to the development team. Failure to consider the PRD would mean that your app development time will increase due to the fact that you would have to rely on pure assumptions instead of fact.


The product requirements document is very important in mobile app development for both parties involved. Ensure that creating such a document based on information that can really help will make everything so much easier.